G-36G 工作站 Glutaraldehyde Workstation

英文名:G-36G - Ductless Hoods

货号:200A G36G

规格:17”H x 34”W x 20”D*

品牌: Airfiltronix


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 Environmental Protection for Hospitals, Surgicenters and Physicians' Offices

Airfiltronix recognizes the need for protecting personnel from highly toxic disinfectants and sterilizing solutions. The G-36G and G-53G hoods are protective hoods designed specifically to contain fumes from liquid sterilant/high level disinfectants.
Two models are available for endoscope manual washing/disinfecting locations. The G-36G handles one soaking tray and one rinsing tray and the G-53G will handle multiple soaking trays.
The system utilizes a two stage activated charcoal filter bed impregnated with a glutaraldehyde neutralizer. A filter monitoring port on the front of the blower base allows for monitoring of a sealed air space between the two filter beds. This enables the user to test the air space between the two filters to determine breakthrough of glutaraldehyde after the first filter, allowing replacement well before exposure limits are reached by the second filter. Typical replacement time for this filter is one year.
All hoods are baffled to concentrate airflow directly over soaking trays. In addition, the blower has two switched speeds. When the door is closed a face velocity of 80 fpm is maintained. When the door is opened a higher blower speed is automatically selected to compensate for drop in face velocity.
NOTE: The above units are supplied without filters. G-36G and G-53G accept special dual stage FRC-9 Gluteraldehye Filters.
Please Note: We can manufacture this unit in many different sizes and/or configurations. Please contact us to discuss your application or send us your specifications.