Nanoject III 纳升级可编程微量注射器

英文名:Nanoject III w/Universal Adapter, 100-240 Volt Pwr. Supply




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Drummond公司推出最新款显微注射器Nanoject III:可编程的显微注射器,作为世界领先的实验室液体处理设备制造商,此次推出的新型号有几大创新点:


人性化触摸屏操作—— 扩大潜在应用



作为最新款的精密显微注射器,Nanoject III的人性化触摸屏操作扩大了可编程注射应用的范围;注射系统采用了液压技术可以确保注射量的一致性;微量移液管附件比旧款更便捷简单,不需O形环保护微量移液管。此外,用户可自行编辑多个注射模式,编辑的程序会自动保存并按顺序陈列在菜单里。


型号 3-000-207
电源 220 伏
样本量 4.2µL
填充/空量速度 10—200纳升/秒
注射量范围 0.6–999.9 NL
注射速度 1-200纳升/秒
柱塞行程 23毫米
毛细管尺寸 外径0.045”(1.14mm)
内径0.021” (0.53mm)


  • User-Friendly Programmable Touchscreen Operation - Potential Applications Expanded
  • Easy Positive Micropipet Attachments - No O-Rings Required
  • Proven Hydraulic Technology - Ensures Accurate and Consistent Injection Volumes
  • Universal Power Source - Supplied with 4 Interchangeable Adapter Plugs

Nanoject II vs. Nanoject III

Nanoject II FEATURES Nanoject III
3-000-204, 110V Catalog number, 110V 3-000-207
3-000-205A, Euro. Catalog number, European plug 3-000-207
3-000-206A, UK Catalog number, UK plug 3-000-207
2.3 nL-69 nL Injection volumes 0.6 nL-999.9 nL
46nL/sec.& 23 nL/sec. only Rate of injection 1 nL/sec.-200 nL/sec.
No Injection counter Yes
No Programmable multiple injections Yes
No Programmable frequency between injections Yes
No Program storage capability Yes, 8 programs
No Auto HOMING of plunger Yes
3 O-rings, replacement necessary Micropipette attachment No O-rings, new chuck simplifies micropipette attachment
10 µm minimum Micropipette I.D. size 2-3 µm minimum
Yes; inject only Optional Footswitch Yes; fill, empty and inject capability
No; fill, empty, inject buttons only Color Touch Sensitive Keypad Yes; multi screens


Both units utilize the same glass capillaries for pulling micropipettes; however, note that significantly smaller pipettes can be used with the Nanoject III due to the new improved method of securing the micropipette. No O-rings to wear out are used. A micro ?chuck? is used that is not a wear item and it simplifies attachment of the micropipette once backfilled with oil.

The auto HOMING feature will eliminate the need to ?rehome? the unit as in the Nanoject II and this will reduce if not totally eliminate jamming of the plunger.

The Next Generation in High Precision Nanoliter Microinjection.

The new Drummond Programmable Nanoject III Nanoliter Injector offers a number of state-of-the-art features to provide easy setup and operation as well as more accurate injection volumes down to 0.6 nanoliters. The Nanoject III does not require any O-rings to secure the micropipet. Operational Modes enable the user to program the unit to do single manual injections, as well as multiple injection cycle recipes. Program input and execution is enabled by prompted touchscreens located on the control box. Programmability, the lower injection volume capability plus the user's ability to select the injection rate widens the potential range of applications for the Nanoject III. The Universal Power Source provides adapter plugs to enable the unit to be used in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia simply by inserting the proper plug.




可编程纳升级微量注射器 Programmable EQUL-DRUMMOND NANOJECTIII

Attaching Micropipet to Nanoject III 将微量移液管连接到纳升级微量注射器 EQULDRUMMONNanoject III

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